The relationship between teacher and student


Correct teaching pillars
one amongst the {proper} teaching pillars is that it’s supported a correct and proper relationship between the teacher and also the student, in order that he is aware of
within which the scholar fulfills his duties well and achieves his human dignity, and preserves the teacher’s high status, and keeps its excellence, there ar thus standards for the link between the teacher and also the student should be diligent to confirm their availableness.

Criteria for the link between teacher and student
Their mutual respect between teacher and student. create the academic method the common divisor during this relationship, that edges the scholar to find out, and also the teacher to perform his mission within the best and most complete. supported authentic public morality. conserving the teacher of his highest worth as a carrier of the message of science, so as to preserve this message from any abuse or distortion.

The fruits of fine relationship between teacher and student

the link between the teacher and also the student once it had been based on the premise of sound and clear result’s mirrored completely on the academic message, and also the student’s awareness of his duties and role in them, that leaves sensible effects on the scientific action on the one hand, and on the opposite the power of the teacher to perform his instructional mission befittingly, and also the student’s future especially, wherever there’s a spot between the psychological and psychological between the teacher and also the student, and between the scholar and also the message of science, that adversely have an effect on the action of scientific.

Tips for fortunate teacher-student relationship

The teacher’s nice standing should be preserved; he should have the standing of the daddy for the student; which is able to bring nice edges to the complete instructional method.
The teacher has ethical duties towards the scholar, and one amongst the manifestations of those duties is his keenness on the scholar as an admirer to his friend, that edges by overcoming an oversized a part of the difficulties of learning and scientific action, the origin of the lack to save lots of, understanding and absorption, and also the lack of brain and motivation at the the scholar.
The existence of a faculty atmosphere and a faculty atmosphere, facilities, courtyards, classroom, faculty library, etc., through that it interprets and develops this relationship on the pillars of science and data, and academic interest.
The interest within the participation of academics in some social events for college kids, like providing the duty of consolation, and check on the student’s health conditions within the event of sickness visit or raise him includes a nice impact on the positive relationship.
The formation of social faculty committees of scholars, whose operate is to follow the students’ conditions, to reassure them on numerous occasions, and to follow the discipline of the student’s sensible relationship together with his academics, through suggests that like counsel and steering and positive participation in instructional activities, includes a nice role in deepening and deepening the link between the scholar and also the faculty atmosphere normally.

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